Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: I literally could not put it down

Here's an email I received on "A Formula for Murder" from a reader who got the book via Linda's Basket Case in Pigeon. Two Lindas own the store and one is married to John.

Good morning Dave,

I was very pleasantly surprised when Linda said you had dropped off your book.
After finishing the book I was currently reading, I started "Formula" after lunch Sunday.

It was not put down until it was finished that evening. I know "I couldn't put it down" is a cliche, but I literally could not put it down. I enjoyed it tremendously.
The characters were realistic and empathetic. I loved the ending. It was a great read.

Now the prodding won't be "finish the book," it will be "have you started the new one".

Thank you again,
John Walsh, CPA, Pigeon

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