Monday, March 29, 2010

Huron County writers want more

Members of the Huron Area Writers Group are eager to take our fledgling organization to the next level.
In other words, their pens are flowing freely and they can't wait to tackle their next writing projects. The 15 to 20 members in our group cover almost all genres and their skill levels are surprisingly high.
I'm very proud of the diverse people in our group, which came together at the end of 2009. Local author friend Dennis Collins and I formed HAWG for two reasons: We kept hearing from local folks that they liked the idea of launching a group and we thought forming an organization would be like developing our own support group to bolster the writing projects of everyone involved.
We meet once a month in the Pigeon District Library. To say that our members are enthusiastic would be correct, but also a bit of an understatement. Most show up more than an hour early for the meeting because they wait to gab to about writing.
At the end of the evening, we have to chase people out of the library. I get the feeling that most members would meet more often to kick around ideas if we could arrange it.
During each meeting, one of our writers does a reading from one of their works. What we're hearing during these readings is absolutely delightful.
One member, Tom Glide, is writing a World War II novel based on a loved one's diary. It is really, really good stuff. I think he is clearly on his way to getting published.
We're also writing sbort pieces of fiction from prompts, like the ones published in Writer's Digest. The first round was excellent. Lots of intersting material. It was so good that we're now kicking around the idea of publishing the best pieces as selected by the group. We're thinking of a Web site or a blog.
We're also considering a whole bunch of other writing ideas for individuals and the group as a whole. All very exciting and lots of fun.
Our next meeting is April 15 - tax day. I can hardly wait.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Izzo for governor

If MSU coach Tom Izzo wants to be governor of Michigan, all he has to do is toss his Sparty green hat into the ring.
After watching Izzo guide the Spartans into the NCAA Final Four for the second year in a row - especially considering three of his starters are injured and the team has endured a number of internal problems this season - it's clear the coach from the Upper Peninsula is now one of the best at what he does in the nation.
Right now, Izzo is hotter in Michigan than Kid Rock and Madonna combined.
But, then again, why would a guy as smart as Izzo want to be governor? He's got the state on a string without all the grief attached to running one of the nation's most troubled regions. No Democrat, no Republican could touch him in a popular election.
No doubt about it, the Spartan head coach is a masterful tactician in the locker room and on the sideline. He obviously knows how to push his players buttons and pull their strings at just the right times.
As a team, the Spartans are hitting their stride as March Madness is reaching a frenzy. Each member of the club appears to be stepping up with their best games when they are called upon to contribute.
I love watching Izzo on the sidelines. He know his team and his players so well that he instinctively knows when to call a timeout at the appropriate time. And when Coach I draws up a play during a break in the game, the Spartans almost always score, which often turn the momentum of the game in favor of State.
The Spartans are on a roll, and so is their coach.
Next weekend should be a lot of fun. First Butler, and then Duke.
Go State! Go Coach Izzo!