Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: I literally could not put it down

Here's an email I received on "A Formula for Murder" from a reader who got the book via Linda's Basket Case in Pigeon. Two Lindas own the store and one is married to John.

Good morning Dave,

I was very pleasantly surprised when Linda said you had dropped off your book.
After finishing the book I was currently reading, I started "Formula" after lunch Sunday.

It was not put down until it was finished that evening. I know "I couldn't put it down" is a cliche, but I literally could not put it down. I enjoyed it tremendously.
The characters were realistic and empathetic. I loved the ending. It was a great read.

Now the prodding won't be "finish the book," it will be "have you started the new one".

Thank you again,
John Walsh, CPA, Pigeon

Trivia question for "A Formula for Murder"

Instead of the traditional "The End" on the last page of "A Formula for Murder," the novel wraps up and concludes with this numeric symbol:

 - 30 -

What does it mean, and where does it come from?

Here's how to get "A Formula for Murder"

"A Formula for Murder" is available exclusively in Bay City at Little House Antiques and Gifts on Water Street on the city's East Side.

The novel also is available at each of the Horizon Book Stores in Traverse City, Cadillac, and Petoskey.

My book can be ordered on AMAZON.COM

Or you can received a signed, first edition copy from the author - with a personal note written in it - by contacting me at: or by calling (989) 553-4804. I will ship it to you for the cover price of $14.95, plus $3 for postage.

Review: Glad I put down Grisham for your book

Here's a a nice note I received about my new novel, "A Formula for Murder," from a Huron County woman who I met for the first time during a book signing at the Port Elizabeth Grille in Caseville:

"Loved your book, "A Formula for Murder." I put down my new John Grisham book, "The Racketeer," to read yours and I'm so glad I did. Loved the metaphors especially, and the humor. The plot kept me reading until I finished it. Am sending it to my twin sister in Florida for Christmas because she was a teacher in the Bay City school system. She will absolutely love it. You made the newsroom very real and took me with Nick Steele as he solved the murders. Notify me when your next book comes out. I will buy it on the spot." - Virginia Leipprandt, retired teacher and librarian, North Huron Schools.