Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: Great read with twists - the story felt real

"A Formula for Murder, by David Vizard, is a great read. Set in the Thumb area of Michigan, the murder mystery whodunit includes twists and tangles beginning with a fairly dysfuntional, yet vividly realistic newsroom which any media person will recognize as accurate and super sad. As a former media professional, I enjoyed meeting the characters, hearing their conversations, noting the tone in the words chosen and watching these characters grow and develop. The story combines murder, abuse of teens by a former educator, the cover up and the ultimate impact on the involved characters. The characters grew, the plot thickened and the story felt real. Hard to blame the murderer...but who did it and how it was done was a surprise well crafted and well written."
- M. Teresa Calkins, former Gannett and Newhouse newspaper marketing executive

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