Sunday, November 22, 2009

Huron Area Writers Group meets for first time

Last week, the Huron Area Writers Group met for the first time.
I must say I am pleasantly surprised at the number of folks who showed up and the impressive writing credentials they brought with them.
In addition to Dennis Collins, my partner in crime on this venture and a published author, we had a woman who writes for the New York Times online, the Thumb-area's premiere writer and photographer - Bill Diller, a Web designer and media consultant from Bay Port, a marketing whiz from Caro, a poet from Kilmanaugh, and a variety of others who have been writing and developing stories for years.
I think we had 14 people show up at the Pigeon District Library, which rests comfortably on main street in downtown Pigeon. Additionally, almost everyone who attended reported that they knew of at least one other person who wanted to attend but couldn't make it.
That includes me. My co-worker, Adam Damm, got tied up while chasing after flu vaccine in Toledo and could not make the meeting. Adam, like several others who were reportedly unable to attend, is a very talented writer.
I'm looking forward to our next meeting. We're going to exchange reading and writing materials, listen to and then discuss a short reading of fiction from a HAWG member who is in the process of turning it into a story.
All very exciting!

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  1. Jeez, Dave. Sounds like you had a great turnout. And do you know how I can tell that your in MI and not LA, CA? Not a screenwriter in the bunch! HA! Congrats to you for taking control and getting something started. I wish you luck.