Thursday, September 10, 2009

Laura Bush, Newt Gingrich could be GOP Dream Ticket

Right now, the only two Republicans who are displaying any kind of party leadership are Laura Bush, W.'s First Lady, and Newt Gingrich of 1990's Conservative fame.
The duo make a Dream Ticket to oppose Obama in the next presidential election. Does that sound crazy?
Think about it.
Who among the Republicans is more respected? Who among the Republicans has a better record (except, of course, for Newt's decision years ago to ditch his wife after she came down with breast cancer - but nobody is perfect, right?). Who among the Republicans is making more sense these days?
Not many - especially after the Republican from South Carolina boldly and stupidly called the president a liar during his address to Congress last night. The guy obviously slinks around lower than a snake's belly. I'd mention his name, but I feel like I want to shower every time I repeat it.
My Dream Ticket is above that.
It was Laura and Newt, you'll recall, who came out on Monday and said President Obama's back-to-school chat for the nation's kids was a good thing. What else could any right-minded individuals say?
Barack preached good old American values - stay in school, work hard and do yourself and your country proud because the U.S.A. needs you. Normally, that's the kind of stuff that makes Conservatives and Republicans drool and hug their wallets.
Newt went so far as to say that he would recommend that it would be good, important reading for every kid in the country. And Laura went a step further. She said the president of the United States deserves respect, something that came up in short supply during her husband's final years in office.
Civility and respect are things our leaders should all practice - especially in these very trying and critical times. Leadership in Congress is in very short supply.
That's why I like Laura and Newt at the top of the GOP ticket in the next election. I think Newt would make a great vice president.

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